Regulation of entry into [and exit from] Kenya involves carrying out a number of activities and procedures to determine, establish, and ascertain a prospective visitor’s bona fides and eligibility and suitability for entry into Kenya. 

All travelers, whether foreign nationals, Kenyan citizens or residents, are responsible on arrival for:

  1. appearing, in person, before an immigration officer with their passport or other acceptable / valid travel document (valid for at least 6 months);
  2. present themselves for the capture of biometrics (facial photographs, fingerprints); and
  3. in the case of foreign nationals, if required by an immigration officer, producing all or any of the following:
  • e-Visas (Visa Categories 2 and 3) link to list of countries in these categories
  • e-Passes (Visa-free Category 1) link to list of countries in these categories
  • return or onward tickets or evidence of such onward travel arrangements; and
  • evidence of enough funds for sustenance for the duration of stay in Kenya;
  • hotel booking or physical address and telephone contacts of host;
  • Travel itinerary while in Kenya.

A person who arrives in Kenya at a place other than a designated PoE must report to an immigration officer immediately after arriving and then comply with the responsibilities. Any person who does not report to an immigration officer at a designated PoE contravenes the Kenya Citizenship and immigration Act, 2011 [S.53 (1) (j)] and may be arrested by an immigration officer or a Police officer for investigation and further action.