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Core functions

Major functions of this department includes:

  • Registration of births and deaths immediately they occur
  • Preservation, security and custody of births and deaths records
  • Processing of vital statistical data
  • Issuance of resultant certificates
  • Generation of vital statistics

Strategic objectives

Main strategic objectives of this department are:

  • Automate registration of all births and deaths.
  • To preserve and secure all births and deaths records.
  • Be a single source of Birth and Death registration data.
  • To create and maintain a computerized database of all the registered births and deaths
  • Process natality (births) and mortality (deaths) statistic


Registration of all current births and deaths occurring in Kenya

  • Late registration of births (after expiry of six months from the date of birth) and deaths (after expiry of three months from the date of death)
  • Issuance of birth and death certificates
  • Registration of births and deaths of Kenyans occurring abroad and issuing of Kenyan birth and death certificates
  • Birth re-registration upon legitimacy
  • Birth re-registration upon recognition
  • Birth registration upon adoption.