Multiple Journey Visas (MJV) 2018-05-27T16:20:57+00:00

Application Procedure

Visa Requirement

The attention of all applicants for visas should be drawn to immigration requirements set out below:

Multiple Journey Visas (MJV)


 Two visa application forms V.I to be duly filled, signed and dated.
 Two passport size photographs of the applicant.
 Two copies of a Cover letter from the applicant detailing the need for an MJV.
 Copies of previous visas.
 Applicants applying for aMultiple Journey Visa to visit their spouses should avail in addition to the above, the following: –
 Their spouses National identity Card if Kenyan
 Residential/Work permit if spouse is a foreigner
 Copy of marriage certificate
 Parents applying for Multiple journey Visa’s to Kenya to visit their children in schools should avail copies of valid pupil’s passes and copies of valid residential permits in their countries of residence  Fee is USD 100.