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To achieve the above objectives the department works in close collaboration with:

  • Provincial administration for registration of births and deaths occurring at home, this is done by Assistant chiefs.
  • Ministry of health for registration of births and deaths occurring at home and health institution, this is done by Health Personnel.
  • Upon reporting the occurrence of a birth the parent or guardian shall be issued with an Acknowledgement Notification of Birth (ABN).
  • A Birth event must be registered within six (6) months from the date of occurrence. This is done free of charge and no evidence is necessary. The ABN shall be produced at the district civil registry for issuance of a certificate of birth. This certificate is an internationally recognized and accepted instrument of identity it can be presented to any authority as identity of the child, date of birth, place of birth, parentage and nationality.
  • A Death event must be reported within three months of occurrence free of charge and the next of kin issued with a permit for burial. No burial shall take place without a permit of burial.
  • Defaulters are liable to a fine or imprisonment or both.