Single Journey Visas (SJV) 2018-05-27T16:14:05+00:00

Application Procedure

Visa Requirement

The attention of all applicants for visas should be drawn to immigration requirements set out below:

Single Journey Visas (SJV)


 Two visa application forms V.I to be duly filled, signed and dated.
 Two copies of an Invitation letter/ Cover letter from the applicant.
 Two copies of identity card if host is Kenyan.
 Two copies of valid residential work permit if host is a foreigner.
 Two copies of marriage certificate if visiting spouse.
 Two passport size photographs of the applicant.
 Two copies of valid Passport/travel document of the applicants Bio data page and page showing validity of at least six months.
 Two copies of medical referral letter from a hospital or a doctor for medical cases.
 Two copies of applicants residential/work permit if not residing in their country.
 Referral fee is USD 10