KIMS has implemented two (2) cohorts that participated into the 3-semester Postgraduate Diploma in Migration Studies (PgDipMS) flagship project course. The 1st KIMS cohort of 27 students the completed course. The 2nd cohort of 23 students in compliant with Health Ministry corona virus containment protocols commenced the programme online on 21st September 2020 and are now pursuing the 2nd semester.

We’re in process of mounting the 3rd cohort, it will be a class of 30 participants grouped into two categories. First category are 28 (twenty eight) participants eligible for funding to be drawn from IGAD member states and Secondary category are 2 (two) self-sponsored participants. This is the allocation of 28 (twenty eight) scholarships: 7 IGAD member states excluding Kenya two (2) slots each; total of fourteen (14) slots, fourteen (14) slots for Kenyans drawn from MDAs allocated as follows: Directorate of Immigration Services (8 slots), Refugee Affairs Secretariat (1 Slot), National Registration Bureau (2 slots), Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Trade (1 slot), Ministry of Labour & Social Protection (1 slot) and National Police Service (1 slot).

All the participants must satisfy the UoN admission requirements into the Postgraduate Diploma Programme.