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Secure borders that promote a safe, economically competitive, and prosperous Kenya; which are achieved through a unified effort; and, which simultaneously support improved security and the effective management of trade and travel.


Government of Kenya will proactively enhance border security and management operations to combat border security threats and improve legitimate trade and travel through unity of effort and purpose. Working together, agencies will prioritize, maintain, and expand on operational and administrative gains as a result of streamlined efficiencies and improvements to personnel, infrastructure, and technology.

Strategic Goals

To accomplish the mission and achieve the desired end state, GoK will focus efforts on three strategic goals:
1. Strengthen border security and safety.
2. Facilitate legitimate international trade and travel.
3. Establish a unified approach to address enduring risks and challenges along Kenyas borders

Core Functions of Border Control

  • Implement policies, programmes and strategies on management and control of border points
  • Develop and ensure compliance with standards on management of border operations
  • Provide leadership on operations of border security and management
  • Establish and coordinate the activities of all border management committees
  • Establish and operationalize Joint Operation Centers at designated border points
  • Establish and operationalize a national border management resource center
  • Develop and continually review coordination mechanisms for effective border control
  • Develop communication system for border management
  • Liaise with national, regional and international partners on border security and management
  • Build capacity for all border management committees
  • Conduct border operations assessment
  • Engage cross border communities on border security and management matter
  • Analyze trends on cross border movement of persons and goods, and
  • Monitor and evaluate programmes and strategies on border security and management