How long will the application take?

  • Acquiring Kenyan Citizenship entails rigorous processes and procedures and would require a bit time of patience.

Am I a citizen by birth because I have a birth certificate?

  • No as a Birth Certificate is not a document of citizenship. A person is a citizen by birth if at the date of his or her birth; one of the parents is or was a citizen of Kenya. This is regardless of where the person is or was born

Will I get an ID /Passport once my application is approved?

  • Yes, you can apply of an ID and A passport.

How did I lose my Kenyan citizen while I did not renounce and I still have my Kenyan documents?

  • If you acquired citizenship of another country before the Promulgation of the new Constitution 2010 and was above the age of 23yrs, you automatically lose your Kenyan Citizenship.

Does a foreign national get a different set of registration every time biometrics are taken?

  • (No, the centralized processing of cards allocates an individual a unique number called individual Number the first-time biometrics. This will be maintained every other time the person goes through the registration process)

How to extend visitors pass online?

How long does it take to extend a visitor’s pass online?

  • It takes 5 working days. Applicant advised to apply a week before the expiry of current visa

How long does it take to get a foreign certificate?

  • Six weeks from the date of biometric capture.

When is it appropriate to apply for a renewal of a foreign Certificate?

  • Renewals are done based on immigration status of the applicant i.e. permits, student pass (for those over 18yrs) dependent pass, permanent residence certificate. except special pass holders.

Where do I collect my Student’s Pass?

  • Print it out from your eFNS account once issued