The consular services section acts as a link between Kenyans in the diaspora and the Department of Immigration Services headquarters in Nairobi through the various Kenyan missions abroad. The services provided in the section are;

  • Issuance of passports to Kenyans abroad Read more
  • Issuance of Emergency travel documents to Kenyans who have lost their passports or have expired passports and wish to come home. (Proof of Kenyan Citizenship)
  • Ensuring timely dispatch of e-passports processed in the Missions abroad (Washington D.C, London, Paris, Berlin, Pretoria and Dubai).

Kenyans in the diaspora can apply for renewals, replacements of lost passports as well as new applications for children born abroad through the Kenyan missions abroad. Immigration Officers at the Consular Services section at the Headquarters, Nyayo house, handle passport applications from the missions abroad. Once the applications are processed and passports issued, they are dispatched to the respective missions through the diplomatic channels at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for delivery to the applicants.

It is important to note that since the implementation of the e-passport, the Department of Immigration Services has cascaded e-passport system to six (6) Missions abroad namely; Washington D.C, London, Paris, Berlin, Pretoria and Dubai ( Kenyans living far from these stations are still disadvantaged and it is important to bring these services closer to them hence the Government is planning to cascade e-passport system to other Missions abroad.

Requirements for various products and services

The standard requirements for passport applications apply. See here

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Kenyan Missions abroad at


Nyayo House 2nd floor RM 4

Tel: +254 20 2222022/2221534/2230721

EXT 22042/46

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Legal provisions

  • The Kenya Constitution, 2010
  • Kenya Citizenship and Immigration Act of 2011
  • The Kenya Citizenship and Foreign Nationals Management Act, 2011
  • Kenya Citizenship and Immigration Regulations 2012